We believe in the power of kids’ voices.

An interactive experience that lets kids rule with their voice is nothing short of empowering, and it increases their confidence.

However, existing speech recognition technology performs poorly when used by children. Children’s voices are quite different from those of adults—that’s why we are building the first Speech Recognition Engine just for them!

The Voice Collector App, Voicecade, is a series of short, fast-paced micro-games being used to collect voice recordings of children ages 6 – 12. The recordings will then be used in the development of a speech recognition engine tailored to child speech. This project is being conducted in partnership with Dalhousie University’s NeuroCognitive Imaging Lab (NCIL) and Copernicus Labs, Inc.

Voicecade will ask your children to play the games and say some words out loud. These words will be recorded. Children voice samples are personal information; therefore, we ask parents to provide consent via email during account set up before your children can play our app.

For Ages 6 - 12

Your child is invited to help us build the very first kid-friendly speech recognition engine which will be used in fun digital app games that teach English as a second language and early literacy for children of all ages.

Plus, as a participant in the Voice Collection Campaign, you’ll also get:

A downloadable Certificate of Achievement for your child for being a key contributor in creating the very first kid-friendly speech recognition engine in the world!

Early access to beta versions of our games.

Updates and sneak peeks about our latest research and app developments.

Free access and special discounts on future app launches using our Kid-Friendly Speech Recognition Technology.

Safety & Privacy
  • Audio responses will be recorded and saved on the mobile device the child is using, and transferred over to a secure server controlled by Copernicus Labs, Inc.
  • User information (e.g., age, sex) will be linked to the audio recordings through an unidentifiable code. There will be no way for anyone to link any data we have to the parent or their child.
  • User information collected is limited to what is necessary in order to analyze the data we are collecting. More specifically, after every few micro-games, the app will prompt the child to say out loud the name of an object shown to them on the screen. The app will start recording their voice after they tap the microphone icon, but the app will not record audio samples longer than a few seconds. It will always be clear to the user that the microphone is on, and it only stays activated for a few seconds (it does not remain “on”). The app will not incite users to speak freely.
  • Collected data will be accessed and used only at the NeuroCognitive Imaging Lab and Copernicus Labs Inc.