It is our intention to develop educational apps that are designed and validated using scientific evidence and to contribute to the discussion around the efficacy of educational apps. This is why we designed LANGA, the prototype currently being using as a research platform by our research partners at Dalhousie University’s NeuroCognitive Imaging Lab (NCIL).

By combining our strengths in animation and game design with NCIL’s strengths in empirical behavioural and cognitive neuroscientific work on language processing, we hope to:

– Produce effective and enjoyable digital language learning products for learners.

– Develop our research platform that allows teachers and researchers to customize the learning process for groups of people, and empirically test hypotheses concerning language learning to generate a better understanding of the mechanisms leading to successful second language acquisition.


Design and empirical validation of effectiveness of LANGA, an online game-based platform for second-language learning
Usai, F., O’Neil, K., and Newman, A.J.
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. In press. 

You can read the paper on NCIL’s website: