Digital Playdates:
Making Apps with Kids

We think playing and interacting with lovable characters stimulate children’s natural curiosity to learn. That’s why we develop digital learning experiences that foster growth through play and conversation for you and your child.

We Invite You to Join Us and Help Us Make Great Educational Apps for Your Kids!

The app-testing program is open to parents and legal guardians with kids ages 3 to 10.

During the small group sessions (usually 2 – 3 kids per session), the kids get to play with apps and tell us what they want to see in an app!

Please note that you (or another parent/guardian) will need to be present at these sessions as well, and we’ll do a quick focus group with you, too!

Sign Up for Digital Playdates:
Making Apps with Kids

Currently our app-testing program takes place in various locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

When an app-testing program becomes available we will email you a short survey. By signing up and completing the prerequisite survey, you are not committing to any session or any number of sessions.

About the Apps

Immersive stories, activities & games that use fun speech recognition technology to teach children numeracy, literacy & language learning with each digital play date.