Alpha's Playroom
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Alpha's Playroom

Welcome to Alpha’s Playroom, a fun-filled playroom where a cute robot named Alpha likes to play. And she wants you to be her friend.

In Alpha’s Playroom your child can play with, and help, Alpha learn new skills, such as how words are made up of sounds, recognizing and writing letters, and matching letters to sounds.

Interacting with Alpha goes beyond tapping and swiping. What makes Alpha’s Playroom different is the fact that your child must also use his or her voice to play! By speaking verbal commands to Alpha, Alpha responds like a playmate, and together they solve the various games that Alpha encounters, such as:

– Bird Drag (Letter Sounds)
– Letter Builder
– Bubble Sounds
– Spelling Words
– Infinite Runner
– Attic Memory

Designed for Kids ages 3 – 5

Copernicus Labs is Committed to Being Family Friendly

  To fully enjoy the app and save user progress, kids need a parent or guardian’s permission to create a Copernicus ID account.

 As part of the Copernicus ID account signup, we will collect a parent’s or a guardian’s email address.

 We ask for your email address because we need parents permission for children under 13 to play with Alpha’s Playroom.

You can learn more in our Privacy Policy: